Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Copenhagen here I come!

I'm going to Copenhagen tomorrow for a pre Easter vacation, which has started to be some what of a tradition for me and my friends. The last two years we have gone to Berlin, but this year Copenhagen is our destination. I have started to make a little list of things that I want to do there. Hopefully I'll have time to finish it before boarding the plane tomorrow evening. Stay tuned for more!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Chocolate porter ice cream dream

I had the best Sunday yesterday. I got up before any one else in the house(all though, I think that says more about them than me) and had a nice quiet breakfast with good coffee and a newspaper. Just perfect.
Later on in the day we decided to try out a recipe from one of our favourite cookbooks. a chocolate porter ice cream. This household is a bit over the top interested in beer, and love to experiment.
We don't have an ice cream maker, so it took quite a while, and a lot of stirring, for the ice cream to actually freeze. But it was so worth it.
I come for an ice cream loving family, and have eaten my share of chocolate ice creams, and this one is clearly one of the best ice creams I have ever tasted. The porter(which is almost like a stout) gave it a richness that was incredible.

We used this beer called; Flying dog Imperial Porter. It had been stored for about two years, and had developed a velvety soft feeling to it.

 Chocolate Porter Ice cream:

180 grams of sugar
1 1/2 dl water
100 grams of dark chocolate
2 1/2 dl cream
2 dl porter
2 dl milk
125 grams of grated dark chocolate

Put sugar, water and chocolate in a casserole and heat it up slowly while stirring. When the chocolate is melted you put in the porter, cream and milk. Put it in the freezer and stir it every half hour until you have the right texture. Put in the grated chocolate when the mixture is

This recipe gives about 1 liter of ice cream, and because of its richness you wont be able to eat that much in one go, so this will at least hold for the rest of the week! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Risky hair

Sorry that I have been so vacant these past couple of days. I was cast for doing some hair modeling, and my hair vent from platinum blond to black yesterday(!). Today is the day of the show, and I will get make up and my hair will be cut on stage. An experience a bit out of the ordinary for me. But a fun one though. And I do get a free hair cut, and I get to try out a colour I never would have tried on my own.
I don't understand why people are so afraid of having fun with their hair. I get that you're emotionally  attached to it, because after all we're physically attached to it. But still. If you cut it, and it doesn't look good, then cut it in another way. And it will grow out anyway.
Take a risk! You might end up looking and feeling better that you thought you could.

Friday, March 16, 2012

What's on the plate today?

I wanted to show you all what I was doing last night.
Yesterday I went to a low-price retailer to day to get some stuff for tomorrows birthday party. And of course i ended up with a bit more than I had planned. I bought these pens for decorating ceramics. I've always wanted to try it out and found my self a plate and started decorating at once when i came home. It's so fun putting some colour on. I believe that colour really makes people happy. A colourful home is a happy one. A colourful plate is a happy plate.
I should maybe have stopped at this point, but knowing when to stop can be a challenge in it self.

 So my end product for my first plate was this. Hope you like it. I do anyway =) I just have to put it in the oven for 30minutes and its done! Now i have to go and start my big project of the day; making a kick ass chocolate cake!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chocolate love

So on Friday I'm making a birthday cake for my boyfriend. We have this tradition of making each other cakes on our birthdays. But I think I ended up with making my own last year simply because I knew exactly how I wanted it, and was maybe a bit afraid he'd screw up. I visualize something in my head, and it's hard for someone else to make it for you. And the cake ended up to be super good! I probably have a bigger love for baking that my boyfriend anyway.
The last two years I have made him marzipan cakes, but this year he wanted a chocolate one. So that is what he's getting.

I love planning out dishes in my head, and then making them, and hoping they will taste as good as I imagined. This time I imagined a chocolate cake with two layers of chocolate buttercream filling and cover the whole thing with whipped cream with chocolate. For garnish I will use some strawberries and starfruit so it doesn't get too heavy. I'm SO looking forward to making this cake. And even more to eating it of course! In the meantime I have to show me what not to do!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The internet curse

Have you ever felt that you're doing something that actually really bores you, but you still just keep on doing it? Wyh do people do that? Sit and watch tv-shows and forgettig what they're watching during the comercial brake. Or, like me, going to the same damn sites over and over again even though I know there wont be anything new happening. I have a round with facebook(of course), two news sites, two shops and some blogs. And I go thorough it so many times even though I know there wont be anything there. The internet curse. It ust drags you towards it even though you dont want to, even though you know you really should turn it of and do something constructive. But then it hits you that you actually need the internet to do stuff, and you're stuck. Maybe the clue is to somehow block those pages that you dont really need for some hours of the day. That would maybe do the trick...