Monday, March 12, 2012

The internet curse

Have you ever felt that you're doing something that actually really bores you, but you still just keep on doing it? Wyh do people do that? Sit and watch tv-shows and forgettig what they're watching during the comercial brake. Or, like me, going to the same damn sites over and over again even though I know there wont be anything new happening. I have a round with facebook(of course), two news sites, two shops and some blogs. And I go thorough it so many times even though I know there wont be anything there. The internet curse. It ust drags you towards it even though you dont want to, even though you know you really should turn it of and do something constructive. But then it hits you that you actually need the internet to do stuff, and you're stuck. Maybe the clue is to somehow block those pages that you dont really need for some hours of the day. That would maybe do the trick...

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