Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chocolate love

So on Friday I'm making a birthday cake for my boyfriend. We have this tradition of making each other cakes on our birthdays. But I think I ended up with making my own last year simply because I knew exactly how I wanted it, and was maybe a bit afraid he'd screw up. I visualize something in my head, and it's hard for someone else to make it for you. And the cake ended up to be super good! I probably have a bigger love for baking that my boyfriend anyway.
The last two years I have made him marzipan cakes, but this year he wanted a chocolate one. So that is what he's getting.

I love planning out dishes in my head, and then making them, and hoping they will taste as good as I imagined. This time I imagined a chocolate cake with two layers of chocolate buttercream filling and cover the whole thing with whipped cream with chocolate. For garnish I will use some strawberries and starfruit so it doesn't get too heavy. I'm SO looking forward to making this cake. And even more to eating it of course! In the meantime I have to show me what not to do!

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